Saturday, November 13, 2010

The flu and daytime TV

I've had the stomach flu. It's been relatively horrible. Since I've been sitting in my arse for 3 days, I've had the pleasure of catching up on daytime TV that I've missed. What I've realized is that I didn't really miss it. 

The View is just a bunch of chickens clucking over eachother. Like my friend Amber says, it's really not "the view" since there are three very liberal democrats against a super conservative republican. Who's view is that? Who knows what they are talking about anyhow? 

The Today show is a good one, love Natalie Morales. And I love GMA. That was until Chris Cuomo and Diane Sawyer left. 

Regis and Kelly- well, Kelly is adorable, but Reg, oh Reg...your not as quick as you used to be. Love how you still call her Pippa though, so you don't have to retire just yet. 

Kathie Lee and Hoda....hmm.

Then comes the noon hour. America Live with Megyn Kelly. She may be the smartest, most adorable reporter ever. The way she can just get under Bill O'Reiley's skin, and he just smiles. I've decided he's smitten with her. 

Then I napped. 

Then I got kids and watched Nick Jr. until I felt my intelligence drop. Then, the obvious choice is E! News. You know nothing about anything unless you know all about LiLo's recent stint in rehab or Demi Lovato's mysterious trip to recovery. (Disney: I'm sensing a pattern here. It may be time for a Disney themed recovery center.I'm all about taking 10-15% since it's really my genius that thought of it)

Yeah, I realize I'm totally off topic. This has nothing to do with my children and they are the sole purpose for this. BUT I have been sequestered to my bedroom and have had nothing to do. I tried to watch Sex and the City 2, but I missed the end due to a phenegren induced coma. I have a list that is a mile long of things to do, but vomiting every time you stand isn't really conducive to any activity around the house. 

Will has learned to pretend to pass gas. He sticks his booty out and makes the sound and giggles. (it is pretty funny...shh i never said that) Guess who taught him that?mmm hmm.  That, my friends, is what happens when mommy is quarantined to the bedroom. 


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

loss for words...

living in a small town you are usually safe. I usually feel safe anyway. This morning I learned that I am living in a naive bubble covered by azalea banners, chili cook offs, and night golf.  What I've also learned from the recent and tragic events in my small town is to hold your babies a little tighter, and still have faith that people are inherently good.  I would hate to wake up one day and realize how much evil is out there.

Caution vs. Fear, Naivety vs. Ignorance.

How do I teach them the difference when I don't even understand it? Big battles for my brain today.

My heart is broken for this poor family. Needless to say- I'm probably sleeping on the 3 feet of space between my babies' rooms tonight.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

meet luke coburn

He is my second miracle baby.

he goes by luke. or lukie, or lukie doo. or "dookie" as will calls him.

He is 8 months old today, and I cannot believe that its already been that long since he came into the world.  I know every mother says that, but it is simply so true. Time really flies. He eats puffs and needs a seamstress.  His top is 12 months and his bottom is 9 months. No one tells retailers this. I'm lobbying for more separates, and onesies that have different lengths on the bottom. Get on it, Carter's.

He really loves the organic rice and lentils baby food. Ick.  John looked at him this morning and said "I bet he is going to be a handsome man." He will be. He is such a sweet baby. He is calm, brave and adventurous. He started pulling up and crawling forever ago.  (really, it was a little over 2 months ago, but still- he's a stud.) He has 4 teeth. 2 on bottom, and then two on top- but they are vampire fangs. Coolest baby on the planet.

When Will was oh, about 7 months old I found out I was pregnant.  Boy oh boy! That was a shocker. Not very often does a couple with a less than 5% chance of conceiving on their own in fact conceive on their own. But we hadn't even put Will's baby stuff up- so that made it easier. Of course I lasted about 5 seconds at work (7 months) before I had to go home. I am just not a great pregnant person. I played with Will, cleaned house, and got Lukie's room all ready for him. I wouldn't trade that time for anything. I was exhausted and had no idea what I was getting into, but luckily, he is my lover boy- my sweetheart, and I'm already so proud of him for being as brave and strong as he is. I can't even begin to describe the joy he immediately brought to our lives.

So, we have two miracle babies. Proves to us to always be humbled by what God can do, and that we have so much to learn from our little ones. Here I go on my music rant, but there is a line in "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens that says "From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen" and I always hoped that I would be the type of parent that would listen to my children, no matter their age. I think we have so much to learn from them about the world and about ourselves.

With that being said, I think I told Will to listen about 10,000 times today.

Point taken.


Monday, November 8, 2010

meet john william...

He goes by Will. Or by willy lump-lump, as his daddy's friends affectionately named him in utero.  I'm sure you have already seen him, especially since I only have 4 followers, and most of you have been friends of mine for a while. For the rest of you, here is your formal introduction.
He's 2. He's very 2. He's hilarious, and has the most wild blue eyes and the most infectious and crazy giggle.  He's my miracle baby (I have two of those, I'll explain later.)

It was almost 3 years ago that I went to see one of the world's most wonderful and kind doctor, Dr. Stanley Prough at the Tulsa Fertility Center.  Needless to say, that moment rocked our world. In Vitro Fertilization? WHAT? That was something only seen in the movies- not in my real life, NOT at 26.  That was for women that waited until their 40's to have kids. Not me, not us. Oh, but there was a far greater plan in mind.

After bags of needles showing up at our doorstep, and after all (literally, all) of my jammie pants had blood stains on the hips from 18 weeks of progesterone shots given by amazing husband; after crying, wondering, praying, and after countless hours of listening to Carrie Underwood's "So Small" (I'm a nerd- but music is how I cope, and it has to be said, that song really applies to most situations) it was go time. We did egg harvesting and fertilization, and had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for our little ones to grow and prepare for transfer. During that time, my Nanny, my mother's mother, passed away. I was in the room when she died.  I specifically remember calling the fertility hotline to check on my embryo's moments before her last breath. It's almost like she traded spots with Will- to give him to us.  I had my transfer one day before her funeral.

Now, if you you don't know us well, both John and I have green eyes. Our whole families have green eyes. Except Nanny. Nanny had the most incredible blue eyes. Kinda like this:

Isn't that the best gift of remembrance that she could have given us? That, and he is a dancer. He's got that Barger boogie down. I'll just look over and he is patting his foot- and always right on beat. She would be so proud. Like my mom says- the kid has rhythm.

But he looks like a Coburn. More specifically, like his Papa.

Will currently hates to eat anything that isn't a cracker or that isn't bad for him.  I am NOT the bad guy that started this trend, but I must admit, I cave.  I mean, the little punk has to eat something! He has a love affair with his bee bee, and still drinks milk from a bottle most days. He's not going to take it to college, and I don't put pop in it, so back off.

You would give him a bottle too.

He loves to watch anything on TV, but also loves to draw and sing. (and dance). Hes pretty much the coolest oldest boy I have. He eats his applesauce with a rubber lizard. I mean, c'mon. That is pretty nifty.
He gives unexpected french kisses, loves Cat in the Hat, Woody, and Elmo, and Charlie and Lola.  He has a Charlie and Lola book that I read with a surprisingly decent British accent. John's accent needs serious attention. He loves cowboy boots and being outside. He's 100% boy. And he loves his little brother.

We are so thankful for him and the blessings and drama that he continually adds to our lives.

So, folks- that's Will in a nutshell.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Early Risers...

I love fall back. Makes me feel like I was up this early all on my own. I'd love to be tricked more often. Hopefully it will make waking up at 5am a little easier in the morning.

I love time changes. They are the perfect amount of time from eachother. I start to get restless for cozier evenings, and the fall back comes. Then I start craving patio weather, and spring forward grants us more light to play. It was really smart and spaced perfectly. Good job to whoever planned that.

Last night, Jack and Ben came over to play. Will adores cousin Jack. They are 18 months apart- roughly the same distance between my boys. It's interesting to see what's ahead for John and I. I think it's going to be a wild decade. Ben and Luke are 1 day apart. (well, more like 14 hours) and they lay on the floor and stare at each other. While Luke is more mobile than Ben, Ben does tons of things Luke can't. Ben holds his own bottle. Anyone that has kids knows what a glorious milestone this is. Ben also has the most kissable cheeks on the planet. I'll post pics soon.

So another day of church, grocery store, and afternoon naps begins. I am confident that I will have the time to finally be able to figure out how to upload my pictures and change this hideous layout. That's only if a nap doesn't look more attractive.


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