Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpacolypse 2011- a recap

I've been at my house since Monday afternoon.  I have eaten my weight in food, and cleaned the house 60 times. I have attempted laundry, but I was over it the minute that I began.  I pondered putting on jeans, but quickly switched for sweats.  I did put on mascara and chap stick.

Last night I took a ride on a rhino and went to a friends house.  She challenged me to a wii game of just dance.  She stomped me.  I'll admit that I am not the best dancer.  I channel my artistic side in other ways, but dancing is not one of them.  I grew up the granddaughter of the best dance teacher in town.  I am the daughter of a ballerina.  I can tap. Thank God that doesn't require much grace.  As I age I realize that my ability to dance must have been passed down through my father's genes.  We have equal dance talent.  My brother, on the other hand, is freaking rico suave on the dance floor.  I'm pretty sure that is how he snagged his hot wife.  Anyway, I lost by thousands of points on both just dance, and Michael Jackson's dance revolution.  I did kick her 7 year old's ass though, and I am okay with bragging about that. I swear the only reason she kept winning is because she is 8 feet tall, and I am 5 feet tall.  I think that makes a huge difference.  That is what I am telling myself.

Today I watched Regis display more signs of dementia when calling Brooke Burke "Brooke Burns" and blaming it on his card.  Poor Reg.  Even if it was a genuine mistake, we will all assume he has old timers just because he is 100 years old.

I then watched Megyn Kelly's coverage on the riots in Cairo.  I feel sorry for those people that aren't directly involved.  They have no money- the ATMs are shut down, and so are banks.  No money=no food.  Makes my heart hurt.  Megyn Kelly is my favorite- I may adore her more than Shep. And I LOVE Shep.

I swear that I will again write something that has some form of substance to it.  As for now, I don't have much to say.  The below picture pretty much describes how the last three days have been, and it screams how I am feeling.  till later...

Monday, January 31, 2011

snowpacalypse 2011

dreaming of a snowy day with power...
Anticipating a snow day is the worst.  Am I going to work? Couldn't tell ya.  Am I leaving my house for the next week? Couldn't tell ya.  Am I going to have electricity when I wake up? I. couldn't. tell. you.

I hate this uncertainty. I hate now knowing what I am doing tomorrow.  I am a planner. I need to know these things.  Should I fill bottles with water just in case? I worked for the freaking Red Cross for crying out loud. You would think I would be prepared, but alas, prepared I am not.  I just kept telling people as they exited their cubes today "See ya Thursday" cause I just have a feeling..... anyway.

So while I am preparing to be unprepared for the "epic snowstorm" (thanks mike collier for that terrifying description), I am being tortured with Orange County Choppers, and Paul Sr's foreclosure, and I am sure basketball will pop up on the screen at some point.   I have canned food. That should suffice.

my big crazy man. he 's so 2 its not even funny.
my personal chef- and full time handsome. 

john gave these to me for christmas in 2005. they are a mess, and I love them with my whole heart.
So tonight I took some pictures.  I don't really have much to say (imagine that) but I do have pictures. The boys are super funny right now. Luke is starting to have a little personality, and Will, well, Will's personality is non freaking stop. He's such a blessing though. They both are. Luke screams and makes pooting noises all the time.  Says mama and dada.  Will is starting to talk more and more, and I am understanding about 40% of what he is trying to say.
my baby- almost 11 months. can't believe it.
Lukie got a walker for Christmas.  We kept a lot of his presents in the garage to break out sporadically when necessary.  Today was necessary.  I bet the little man will be walking in no time. He just rocks this thing all over the house.  He looks like he is about 90.

lukie rockin the walker, looking clueless.

I called a good friend today to talk about her school being closed tomorrow, and she reminded me that school being closed is NOT a good thing.  Not only is school the only place that some kids get to actually eat, but being home with parents causes a super stress that often times leads to abuse.  One day off equals bills not being paid, and being stuck in the house- well, it ends up being really hard on some families.  Please say prayers for these children and for the patience of their parents.  Also, don't forget your neighbors that may be of the elderly nature. (I phrased that well, eh?) They may not have had the ability to go get food and they may not have heat.  Check on them and make sure they are okay. 

Stay safe y'all, and ill leave you with a memorable picture to give you sweet dreams. Ciao.

yes- its a wig.