Friday, December 17, 2010

I ate SPAM today.

I did. And, much to my dismay, I have to say that it may be better than bacon. (turkey bacon, that is)  It kind of stuck to my teeth a bit- not a fan of that- but it was kind of delicious in an 'ive been drinking a little and this is a great sandwich' kinda way.  I can no longer snub canned meat.
  SPAM. I googled it and found all sorts of recipes.  There is spam sushi. Yup, I'm for real.  I wonder what kind of parts are in there. I draw the line when I know an ear, hoof, or cheek is in my SPAM. I'll google that right now.... (pause while I google again...)

Oh wow! Apparently spam is really a "spiced ham" and is just pork shoulder and ham with a lot of chemicals to make it ok for it to be in a can.

However, I'm still skeptical.

Apparently it's a delicacy in Hawaii. That makes it sound better, right?

Maybe not. But the beach sounds nice.

Maybe a recipe from the blue ribbon state fair champion "Golden Spam Surprise"

And...maybe not. You can go on their website and listen to a song called "Pam don't take my SPAM"

Please Pam! Please take my SPAM.

Why are we naturally terrified of SPAM, but we will eat tuna, no problem? Apparently Jessica Simpson and I were the only two on the planet that thought Chicken of the Sea was actually chicken.  I thought there was another can called "Tuna of the Sea", I also "came home" to OK from KS by way of I35 NORTH. Yeah, that was a long day. 

that's no lie folks. I have no shame in admitting that.

I encourage each of you to buy a can of SPAM, and be creative. Let me know how it goes. I may even take myself up on my own challenge.   I'll post pictures. I've heard that eggs and SPAM is seriously delicious.

have a great weekend-


Thursday, December 16, 2010

My handsome fella

Love him. All 6 foot 5, and every bit of concrete dust that follows him into our house.

This man will do just about anything for his family, and if that means sitting his tall and lanky self on a toddler chair while watching Toy Story for the 1000th time, then so be it.

Tall guy, little chair.

He made sure Will had his priorities straight for 2010 election..

An introduced Luke to the world..

And that was all just this year!

He is charming and hilarious, and I drive him bananas, but he loves me anyway. I couldn't be more thankful for the life we've built together.

My cup runneth over.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whats playing on my Ipod...

John would say I have horrible taste in music, but I beg to differ.  I love ballads, and I listen to an ipod all day, so I've found that mellow music is the least distracting while satisfying my need to do something other than stare at a computer.

I made a playlist today that is blowing my socks off.  I love it. I named it Picnic Blanket because I would like to be on a Picnic Blanket with an actual picnic while this is playing. Maybe a bonfire later in the evening, with lots of good pals around. Preferably on a beach...

Wow. I even lost myself there for a moment.

1) Dave Matthews Band. This should have a presence on every playlist.
2) Tracy Chapman- For You, Run, Fast Car, Baby Can I Hold You
3) Dan Fogelberg- Leader of the Band
4) Indigo Girls- Fleet of Hope
5) Sara Barielles- Hold my Heart, Machine Gun, River
6) John Mayer (see #1)
7) Rilo Kiley- 15
8) Jennifer Knapp- Refine Me, Martyrs and Thieves
9) Missy Higgins- Where I Stood, Nightminds
10) Eric Hutchinson- Food Chain, All Over Now, Ok its alright with me
11) Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk- Paperweight
12) Marc Cohn- Maybe I'm Amazed
13) Watermark- Captivate Us, Knees to the Earth
14) James Taylor and Carole King- Machine Gun Kelly, Blossom, Smackwater Jack
15) Third Day- When the Rain Comes
16) Taylor Swift- Never Grow Up, Dear John
17) Jack Johnson-(see #1)
18) Kate Nash- Birds (This song reminds me of John and I. I laugh everytime I hear it.)
19) Michelle Branch- A Case of You
20) Needtobreathe- The Outsiders, Garden
21) Zac Brown- Jolene, Whatever it is, and of course, Chicken Fried

I hope this inspires you to create situational playlists. Not really, but maybe you will find a song you like, and it will remind you of me, and a picnic blanket. Then maybe you will create one called "ski lodge" with songs that make you feel cozy and crave micro brews from little mountain breweries and a big roaring fire.


Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm really not an adult. It's a costume.

Do u find that when you grow up and have to do things you really don't want to do, that you still don't really want to do them? I don't really want to be at the dr's office right now. At all. I know it's what's best for me,whatever, but right now I want to cross my arms and collapse on the ground like Will does. I just wouldn't have anyone to drag me out while brilliantly keeping my shoulder in it's socket. (I have that gift).

It's like a couple of weeks ago when John made me go somewhere I really didn't want to go. HE didn't even go, but preached to me about how I should, so I went, against my will. I should have collapsed then too.

Just a small thought I had while sitting in the waiting room. Oh, and there is a girl in here with athletic socks and scotch plaid heels on. It's never that cold, honey.


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Raindrops on Roses

It's Christmas, and I have the wantsies. So, here is my list of favorite things I love, and want, and need, and HAVE TO HAVE.

1)Things I love, i can't start that list without my 3 men.

love them.

2) Max Factor mascara with the curved applicator.I have used this since I was 10, and they quit carrying it in the US.  I can get it on Amazon for $28 a tube. No thanks. If you find this at your nearest bargain bin I will pay $10 a tube. Yes, this is my #2 wish.

3) These bar stools from Ballard Designs. I mean, I know that they are expensive, but I have it all planned out. You must pay butt rental to sit there. I would have them paid off by next Christmas. For sure. They are beautiful, and I really think they would soften my table a bit. 
4) The Coors Light kegorator- I don't feel like this needs much explanation. It's also a green alternative to drinking out of aluminum and glass. I win, mother earth wins.

5)A wifi connection. This is another post in and of itself. I never imagined how entirely frustrated this could make me.

6) Philosophy Hope in a Jar.  Oprah doesn't joke around. This stuff is serious. Changed my skin.

7) Christmas decorations. I love them. They make me happy, and they make John crazy, which makes me laugh. I just imagine one day looking at them and remembering when each ornament was purchased, and going from newlyweds, from one baby, to two babies, through dogs... and so on, and so on.  My friend Julie has a audio ornament of her son saying "Merry Christmas". How precious is that, and what a wonderful thing for her to remember what her son sounded like. I need an audio ornament asap.

8) The Etsy pillow lady. I haven't ordered anything quite yet, but I look and drool over her pillows. The fabrics are fabulous and funky. Love the Ikat print.

9)  Girlfriends.  I think you know who you two are, but one fell in a grocery store parking lot and spilt (yup- that's a word today) her groceries, and the other bought me festive kleenex.  I am grateful, and these people are a gift that we should all ask for from Santa.  xo. I'm gettin jingly with it.

10) My husband's love for extreme cooking. Without him, I would weigh 10 lbs less, but I would never know the beautiful reality it is to be a foodie. yummy in the tummy.