Thursday, July 7, 2011

The knock off dilemma

So I have a fetish for knock off bags and the like.  I will thoroughly inspect the good inside and out, and I am very picky about what I buy.  Thing is, I have decided, and am convinced, that street vendors and other people selling knock offs are just outlet stores for these hoity toity designers.

But that isn't my dilemma.

I own some authentic goods, and I own some knock off goods. I'm about 99% sure that no one would know which was which without me blurting it out (which I do every time- I am very proud of my bargains.), but at the same time- what is worse? Paying sick amounts of money to carry the real thing, or pretending that what you are carrying is the real thing?

As I get older, I search for authenticity in a lot of places.  In people, in their actions, in my faith- but mostly in myself.  I am not a fan of the person that pretends to be one kind of person, but deep down they are a completely different soul.  I like genuine people.  I admire them. If you are a rude and miserable person, just throw it out there. I would rather deal with a jerk than deal with someone rude yet smiling.  I can't handle fake. I wasn't raised like that, and my face doesn't react well to fake responses.  I will completely look at you like you are insane. My apologies- it's like a reflex.

How do you handle people that are unauthentic?   You can't pack them up and send them back to China like you can bags.  I try to be a nice person, and although I am sporting a crinkled brow, I don't think I offend the offender.  I have heard "kill them with kindness" but that doesn't satisfy me.  I want to shake them and insist that they be real to me and to others.  So to ask again, how do you respond to this?

Hopefully I will wake up to a genius response after a bad nights sleep of having nightmares filled with toddlers and airports.

And, by the way, this comes from no place in particular other than the fact that I just ordered a fake bag, and I have to say- it's darn nifty.


You're Kidding Me!

I don't remember this from my childhood. Could Al Gore be right?! This is insanity. Its too hot to breathe. Swimming pools feel like bathtubs. I may be melting.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

out with the dukan, in with... nothing.

You know, I'm not a big meat eater.  This is something that I should have considered when attacking a protein diet.  What's a girl to do when she loves carbs?!  Right after we got married, I read Skinny Bitch. BAD IDEA for the daughter of a man that raised and butchered cattle.  I called my dad to declare I was a vegetarian. I didn't last on that either. Sometimes a girl just needs a steak.  Grey is not my strong suit in any situation. I'm a black and white kinda girl.

I can't tolerate when people are all about fad diets.  Sadly, I got sucked into this one. I am sure that it works, as I have a friend that is melting away on it, but at the same time, and at the end of the day, there is only one truth- burn more, eat less.

The thing is, when does "burn more" come into play? I have spent the last 2.5 years going to work and then taking care of babies.  I get home, and it is a madhouse until 8pm.  There is no time to work out, so here it is. This is what I may have figured out-  While in the pool today, I strapped my 18 month on to me and swam across the pool maybe 500 times. (I may have exaggerated that a little) That is surely enough to burn of something, right?

Did I mention he was naked? How's that for a redneck adventure. In all seriousness, why can't I work out while spending time with my kids? The thing is, I can do a little something good for me, and fun for them.

I refuse to post anything else about weight or working out.  Well, I may complain, but no more remedies from me. You read it here, folks- burn more, eat less.  I'm a walking hypocrite. But fact is fact.  As my dad says, there is no free lunch.  Take that literally.

Other than that, the boys are truly hilarious each day.  Neither of them listen, and I watch a lifetime's worth of Scooby Doo each day.  Will's favorite is Behlma. (velma) and he screams her name out when she is on.  Last night he said "Run Shaggy! I love you!" I also heard rumors of a Toy Story 4.  God help us all.

Luke is a mess. Smiles all day, and you can't help but smile back at those dimples. He is fiercely independent, and at times I know in 10 short years he's probably going to sneak out and steal my car or burn the house down.  The kid is fearless.

Headed to the beach soon.  The boys first plane ride.  I have bought everything at One Step Ahead related to travel, and have an Amazon box coming each day with distraction toys, bags for car seats, and sunscreen bracelets. I think I'm pretty prepared for the kids, but my husband may kill me before we leave.

I hope you all had an awesome holiday.  We are so lucky to live in a place where we can write whatever we want to write, say whatever we want to say, and do what we want to do.  It's easy to forget that sometimes.