Saturday, January 8, 2011

Purr Cat visits America

Hopefully everyone has a group of friends that they grew up with, danced, cried, and laughed with.  I am lucky to have such great childhood girlfriends that I still keep in touch with.  We are spread out all over the globe, but we recently had the chance to get together to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our dear friend Ashley, aka purr cat.  She moved to New Zealand with her fiance about a year ago, and was home for Christmas.  This was the first time I have seen her in 3 years, and I was so excited.  Its always comforting to know that after three years pass, and a move across the world she is the same hilarious and beautiful woman that I have known since I was three.  Here are some memories from that day-

Loved her cute shoes and how her feet were turned in.

Love this picture of Louisa. 

It was a lovely afternoon with some wonderful women, all of whom I adore and cherish.  We are all so blessed to still have one another and to be able to experience these huge life moments together.  

Cheers purr cat! xoxo.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

light falls throught the cracks

As many of you know, I listen to music all day in my little cube.  One of the bands I have come across and adore is Addison Road. I was googling them one day to find their tour schedule,  and came across the lead singer's blog.  There are a couple of entries that I have had to share with friends, whether they were thought provoking or hilarious, because Jenny, the author, is both of these.  Anyway, I thought this shed some light on what it is to be normal, to admit you are going through a crazy time, and to find some peace and joy in it. Find the light through the cracks.  2010 was such a challenge for me in terms of balancing my focus correctly, and "not sweating the small stuff" as my dad would say.  The small stuff was always in the forefront of my mind, and I was drowning in it. 

This entry of hers is really parallel with the way I was feeling.  She compares our lives to scrapbooks in a way that really made me think and inspired me.  I hope the link works and each of you all can get addicted to Jenny as I have.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cursing Toddlers and Buzz Woody

Most of my friends have children that are older than mine. This is a great thing, cause they have done everything before. They own all the gadgets and let me borrow, they've already been through the phases where a sweet baby suddenly bites you and draws blood, and they have all had poop under their nails. I cherish our GNO's more than life itself.  Its a time to ask questions, have a relaxing beverage, and talk about everything and nothing. During a recent GNO, the subject of cursing toddlers came up. Two of my dear friends have little ones that have recently dropped the f-bomb.

I know that I should start watching my language, and that W is a little sponge that will soak up anything I say. SO, I watch my language (around him...kinda).  His daddy and his friends, not so much.  This is something that I don't know what I should do. I know that he is going to curse. Realistically, it will be sooner than later.  I know that I shouldn't let him say those things, but I will be a teensy bit more lenient than my mother, who wouldn't let us say "butt". 

How do you not laugh? If W looked straight at me and said " hey shithead!!"  I would laugh right in his face. That's just the truth.  Don't try to act like you wouldn't. You would too.

Another thing is the kid won't listen to ANYTHING I say. He knows exactly what no means, and he looks at me, smiles, and does whatever he wants.  I know what you are thinking-- he's a brat, he's testing you... yada yada, but seriously! How do you make him listen without beating him? (***disclaimer- I really don't beat him) 

 I would like to go through a night without having to watch "Buzz Woody" and saying "no, Will." 7000 times.  But he sure is cute.


I hate Buzz Woody. It was cute the first 100 times, not anymore. The 12-inch Buzz and Woody dolls go with us EVERYWHERE and they are huge and uncomfortable.   He sleeps with the damn things, and its the first thing that he says when he wakes up. "momma- buzz woody?" I hate Buzz Woody. I know one day I will think they are adorable, and miss them saying "to infinity and beyond!" or "there's a snake in my boot!" But right now I am going bananas.

(little confession-- I have to sing the Gwen Stefani song to myself every time I spell bananas).

A little angel  dropped a macbook pro down from heaven today. I have no idea how to work it, so you may not hear from me for a while, but once I master it, there will be nothing holding me back! Watch out world! I'm so excited I just can't hide it.  Another confession: I think of Jessie Spano on diet pills when I sing that song.  Gotta love Elizabeth Berkley. Good little Jesse gone bad.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A NYE weekend

Not quite sure on how to begin. I can say that there was a little wine consumed, tap dancing with a foam cowboy hat on, trying to ride a mini horse named Goober, stomping on a blow horn, and a trip to the ER.

That's about it!

Kidding. Well, that was kind of a great Cliffs Notes version of our trip.

We posed for pictures in the cowboy hats.

Then we just posed for pictures.

She's going to kill me.

Then, NYE.

We allowed people at 1am to take our picture. They didn't do that great of a job.

That next morning, B and John filled their mugs with questionable coffee and went on a walk and tried to rent a mini horse named Goober. They were informed he was retired. John was sad.

And then they said some really stupid things- none of which I will repeat here, but it went on all day. That's when my cursing resolution went in the pooper.

John then made us black eyed peas, but everything was too little for him to cook on. Must be tough being a giant. Big guy in a little chair.....

All in all, we had a fabulous time. If you all have a free weekend, take the kids (or the adults) to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson. I know Branson has a hokey reputation, but this place is FAR from hokey. It's beautiful, and the staff is incredible- even to a loud redneck group like us.

Oh, and the ER trip? John had an allergic reaction. Still unsure of the culprit. He's fine though. :) at least I know I can navigate a truck through the hills of Missouri without bring able to see over the steering wheel.


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Monday, January 3, 2011

new year, new look

So, since I have decided that I myself am not going to change in appearance in 2011, I thought that I would give my generic blog a face lift.

I hope you enjoy the new look, cause I don't have any pictures or videos to upload at this time.  There are barrels of laundry, and my 5 bags that I packed for my 3 day trip waiting on me.  A girl can only do so much.

have a great night y'all

Dear failure, BRING IT.

I heard Paul Wescott (White House Brief-I heart radio) mention this morning about failed resolutions. He said "I'm a fat guy anyway, so I vow not to gain 40 more lbs! How's that?!"

I'm liking this idea. I have already had chips and a candy bar this morning, and cursed about 10,000 times. I don't like people telling me what to do- even if that person is myself. I rebel, and yell a big 'screw you- I'll do as I please, thank you very much.'

I understand that telling myself to screw off is a little counter productive. But I do much better without the pressure. I quit.

What is your resolution? What are the chances, and be honest, that you will fail? 75%?? Why do we do this to ourselves? Let's better ourselves on April 16. Or the first day of summer. Why is the only time we try and make positive life changing habits, that we do it on the ONE day everyone else is too? Talk about pressure.

And January 1 is so damn cold. I can tell you that I'm 100% not doing any physical activity this evening. Especially outside.

Instead, I'll probably upload pics and tell you all about our ridiculous vacation where I tap danced wearing a oversized foam cowboy hat.

Until later, ciao.

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