Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 random things

We, like many of you, are bored.  I have been a terrible blogger the last 2 weeks, posting nothing, or rambling about basically nothing.  It has been snowing. There is snow everywhere.  The kids are crazy- the husband hasn't been able to work in almost two weeks and is going bonkers.  Me? Well, I have been a work.  They released us for two days last week, but that ended up being truly torturous.  I loved that time with my babies and I didn't want to go back.

let the randomness begin.

1) I'm watching Idol and wondering if my hair will ever look like JLo's, or if it is starting to get stripper long.

2) I will never have a flat stomach as long as there is ranch dressing and processed cheese.

3) I love shoes but haven't indulged in a while.  My husband will disagree.

4) I thought I could cook until I met my husband.  We had ox tails tonight. They were incredible.

5) I love hearing little kids laugh.

6) There is a solution for every single problem.  There is a cure for cancer, it just hasn't been found quite yet.  There is an answer for everything- some we are supposed to know, some we aren't supposed to know just yet, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. Be curious.  I am.

7) I paid $30 in shipping for paper plates for the wee one's 1st birthday.  I realize 8 hours later that this was stupid.

8) I wish I weren't as messy as I am.  I desperately want to be an organized person.

9) I go to see my youngest big brother next weekend, and I am so excited. I haven't been to LA since I was a wee kid, and I am ready for warmth and some time with my daddy.

10) Sometimes I think it's funny to make John carry me like he does the kids.  We both usually laugh so hard that I end up crashing to the ground.

That is about it.