Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Baby Book Bonanza

My kids don't have them. Well, they do, they are just in a Tupperware, and not a book.  I love my kids, I do, and I vowed to be better at this than my mother was.

You see, I got my baby books when I was 20. No, that isn't when she handed them to me in this coming of age ritual, that's when she did them. I won't even get into how there are pictures me with a report card that says "Jordan- 1985" when I was clearly in grade school, not preschool, but whatever... I'm clearly scarred from it.

So, I guess I need to do my kids books. What I have decided to do is do one book per season until they reach grade school, and then make 1 book a year after that. I can order 3 copies of the same book- one for me, one for each of them. Right? Surely there isn't a flaw in this plan. They will only be a year apart in school, so I think its logical. 

OMG- just explaining it stressed me out.

I have kind of started, but then the online program I use pisses me off, and I have to delete and start over.  And it's not that I don't take the pictures. I have like 10,000 on my computer. Literally. I took a photography class, for pete's sake. So they are there, and they are kind of good. They are just not in a book... 

I'm not a scrapbooker. I envy those who are, and those who write down when the first tooth came in, yada yada, but I don't do that. I buy all the calendars and crap to document it, but I don't ever do it.  I used to guilt myself , but I am over it.  My kids won't care when their teeth came in, or when they got what shot, cause who cares about that???  (Really, if you do, send me a message. I need to know and understand why.) Whatever. I know half of you are thinking the same thing and are scared you will look like a bad momma for not caring.  So here it is, OFFICIALLY:

My name is Jordan, and I do not have my kids baby books done, nor do I have immediate plans for completion of said baby books.  

There. it's out. Don't be scared anymore. 

So, I will continue to throw all their keepsakes in a giant Tupperware, where I am bound to mix them up, and hopefully it doesn't throw them into therapy later. 

I've lived a joyous and blessed life, and I feel like I have a great sense of identity, all without my pediatric shot records.

have a wonderful holiday and be nice to each other.