Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monitor update..

She's alive!!! Rice works.(and yes, that's a non sleeping baby. This kid is not my sleeper.)

Moral of the story, Google pretty much solves any problem you may have. Has yet to let me down. God bless Google!!

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Playing in the Street

At what age do kids realize the danger of cars? I swear, Will darts out in the street every time
we are in the front yard. I've explained "you will get smushed by a car", but he doesn't get it. I mean, he still slobbers on himself, so I think it may be a bit over his head.

He kind of looked cowboy gangster in his black Puma hoodie and run dmc shirt...and cowboy boots. Gotta rock those boots. He runs over to the neighbors yard and sits on an old stump, and says "NO!" whenever I ask him a question. Any question. For example, "will? U want to eat only dum-dums and goldfish forever and ever?" "NO mommy!" (while pointing his finger at me- like I'm in trouble.)

Lukie, on the other hand, sits and eats leaves while I thumb through catalogs that have collected from the week. I know Will is totally a performer, and will probably be just like his daddy- life of the party, and full of charisma- the story teller. I can't wait to discover more and more of Luke's personality. At 8 months, he's a bit more reserved than Will was, and silently curious. He studies things and is so observant.

He's pretty much the cutest thing ever. As my dad would say, he's my all time favorite youngest son. :) That's pretty darn accurate.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Luke Jemima

I was floored when I got this from Shari and realized how much Luke looks like Will. I thought it was Will when I opened it. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ode to Relaxation

I left work today determined to not let every day chores overwhelm me, or take away from the 30 seconds I see my kids each day. Instead, I decided I need a reality show.

Cleaned out Wills closet while boys played. 15 minutes passed, and I peek to see 2 babies, 6000 wipees covering the floor, and every tiny plastic toy sprawled out across the room. How's that for counter productive?

Did the splits down the stairs holding Luke, while trying to catch a tumbling Will. Pretty sure I pulled my groin muscle. Will lived- I have a limp.

Had my egg roll stolen by same 2 year old. Punk.

Will thought it would be awesome if he dropped Lukie's video monitor in my water glass. It was awesome, but not for me. More for Summer Monitor Company, who I will buy my third monitor, @ $200 each. Maybe I should buy stock.

It's drying out in rice.

After all that, and giving my suddenly sweet toddler the 8 meds he gets each night, I'm relaxed and have absolutely nothing accomplished.

Here's to another day of cubicle life, and the most giant glass of wine that will be in my hand in less than 24 hours.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my dear friend Liz, who gave me my first and best ever "mom to mom" advice. "your such a better mommy when you take time for yourself." Amen.


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jpool vs. technology, contd.

So, I have put my entire lunch break into trying to change a font. I can live with the background for now. I found this great website,, and there are wonderful free fonts on there.  But getting them from her to me is the daunting task I will try and face this evening. I figure that if my blog is cute, I'll be happy with it no matter what its content may be, so while that is shallow, its honest. :)

what is a gadget?
what does unzipped mean?
why can't they just put "click here for new fonts" ????

Its kind of like all the state questions that were on the ballot Tuesday. I am a college educated, somewhat intelligent adult. If I can't understand what they are trying to say, then how in the world is rural America supposed to get it? They aren't. It's trickery, I tell you! This discussion will further be included some day when I go on a political rant. For today, I'm on a font rant.

I can do this.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Background is buggin

Totally on a break- I swear. Why on earth am I technologically slow?I used to be so fast! Surely I can find a background for this mess. It takes time to cultivate an empire- more will come soon, I swear. Maybe even a posting. Wait- that's what I'm doing now, huh. Hmm. I guess this is my first post. Welcome to my crazy and unorganized life. This is probably the most honest introduction you'll get.

This is the place where all my random facebook postings will get their place in the sun, as facebook and I are in a bit of a moral disagreement, and I won't be posting any personal pictures on my profile. From this point forward, I will b silently creeping on ya'lls pages instead, and letting out my frustrations, joys and questions on here. Grab your pillow, it may be a snoozer.

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