Sunday, January 8, 2012

a new day

Ahh.. the holidays are over.  I couldn't help but be happy about that this year.  Over the years, I have witnessed people get older and start to resent the holidays.  Too much togetherness, it's a pain to decorate, gotta fight the crowds, yada yada.. I hated this. I have always loved the holidays. Love seeing family and friends, LOVE to decorate my house with what I thought was its most beautiful appearance.  Until this year.  This year was different.

John and I only get the kids 3 gifts each year.  That is what Jesus was given, so I think it a) reminds all of us why we really do all of this in the first place, for Him, and B) helps them to understand and appreciate what they are getting. they aren't just throwing things to the side to get to the next gift. Of course, Santa has his own ideas in mind, and I can't help what he brings.

I love seeing people I don't normally see.  It's funny really, we live in a town of 40K, but sometimes don't see family members that live here until the holidays roll around. Maybe its not funny, maybe its pathetic. I don't know.

I took down all of my decorations on the 26th.  I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Maybe John's minimalistic view on decorating/everything is finally rubbing off on me.

What I did experience this year makes it the most magical one yet. I experienced the magic that I don't remember feeling since I was little.  Don't get me wrong, I concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas every year, and that in itself brings its own magical and beautiful feeling, but with little ones, Santa is something else entirely. And this year, the boys finally got it.

Watching them Christmas morning is something I will never forget- and it has been my most beautiful Christmas yet. Will just couldn't believe that Santa remembered what he asked for, and that since he was a good boy (cough cough... ) he got it! Santa, in my opinion, is very forgiving of the terrible 3's.

With the new year brings new changes for most. A new beginning- a new chance to start over.  What I have tried to focus on this year, instead of resolutions (which I fail at- every.single. year.) is to remember not to be so hard on myself.  With each new day God promises us renewal- a new start- a new chance. Every day. Why wait for this to be once a year, when we can have it every morning? My quest and promise to myself is to remember this every morning in my quiet time.  Grace, forgiveness, and renewal is available to me every day, and I will continue to be thankful for that.

I hope each of you are successful in your resolutions.  If you aren't, remember- tomorrow is a new day.


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